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1. Login to your account

To go to your personal account, click the "Personal Account" button on the top panel.

2. Customer's office

In his personal account, the customer can access the following functions:

  • product search in the catalog;
  • View custom prices
  • formation of orders;
  • tracking the status of orders;
  • formation of complaints;
  • tracking financial information;
  • form purchases from different legal entities and under different agreements;
  • export of product content.

The features of this office are described in more detail in the Buyer's Guide.

3. Provider cabinet

Provides access to the following provider-available features:

  • loading goods from files;
  • manual entry of goods;
  • processing orders / complaints;
  • notification management;
  • maintaining directories of categories;
  • View statistics on orders.

The features of this cabinet are described in more detail in the Supplier's Guide.

4. Office of the operator of orders / sales manager of the supplier

In this office, the order operator / sales manager can:

  • moderate orders;
  • View order statistics
  • adjust the terms of orders and coordinate them with customers.

4.1. The appearance of the cabinet

4.2. Orders in your account

4.3. Order editing

When you click on the "Edit Order" button, the order opens in the form below, where all its fields are available for change. After changing the order, click the "Save Changes" button so that all changes made are saved or "Cancel Changes" to exit the form without changing the order.

5. The cabinet of the content manager of the supplier

The supplier’s content manager in his office can create, modify and normalize new or current product content.

6. User moderator cabinet

In this office, the designated employee can moderate new customers, manage accounts, change passwords, etc. During moderation, you can select the appropriate scenario for working with new users, for example, confirm or refuse access to a specific account.

The following administrative options are available to the moderator.

7. Adding and editing a new user

The process of creating and configuring a new user is sequentially presented in the figures below.

7.1. Create a new user

7.2. Assigning a counterparty manager to a user

When creating a user with the role "User Moderator", you do not need to bind a manager to it.

7.3. Assigning an appropriate role to a user

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