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The Catalog functionality gives the supplier the ability to import a catalog, set up product category correspondences, and manage the rights to display categories to customers. The features of the system and links to documents with a more detailed description are described below.

Catalog import

In the My catalog section of your personal account, the supplier can upload individual products or ready-made price lists in YML, XML formats.

File processing

Helps the supplier track the processing status of uploaded files with YML, XML price lists, as well as data import jobs from your ERP system. In addition, the user has access to detailed information about errors that occur during data exchange.

Product categories

In order for products to be displayed on the platform, the supplier must match the categories of the catalog they uploaded with the categories in Agora. The documentation will help the supplier to match categories, configure and edit them, and distribute access rights to product categories.

Comparison of goods with standards

If the project uses a reference catalog of products, the instruction will help you compare the uploaded products with the reference products uploaded by the site administrator.

Setting up recommended products

Agora projects have implemented product recommendation functionality, which allows you to increase sales. The product card will display the recommended products you have assigned. The settings are made in the administration panel.

If you have any questions about setting up your project, please contact Agora technical support.

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