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Agora has the ability to record financial data such as accounts receivable, available limit, stock of products and others.

For sales from several legal entities, integration with 1C is required.

The Finance section in the top menu is responsible for obtaining financial information:

After going to this section, the following items will be available:

  • Acts of reconciliation.
  • Documents/price lists.
  • Credit limit/receivables.
  • Reserves of products in legal entity.
  • Overdue orders.

The Reconciliation Acts section is described in this section.

Documents/price lists - used to download documents from 1C, for example, certificates of products/specifications or price lists of products with the seal of the company.

Credit limit/receivable - contains information about the available credit limit and receivables to the supplier:

Reserves of products in legal entity - contains information on reserved products, which is relevant in the case of an order with a large number of positions:

Overdue orders - contains information about orders unpaid within the time allotted by the supplier. After payment, these orders will disappear from the list of expired:

If you have a question about working or setting up the Finance section, you can always contact our technical support at and they will certainly help you.

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