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The system supports 3 main types of catalogs and one additional type of catalog for the tire industry.

Working with the product catalog is also described in the Buyer's Guide and the Supplier's Guide.

Card Product

The card displays basic information about the product and its image. At the same time, it is possible to place an order and conclude a transaction by analogy with an online store.

To view the product card, click on the desired product in the catalog

after which the user opens the product card page:

The product card displays:

Product Images

Product Name and Article

Product Features 

If a link is used in the characteristic value , it will be displayed as a hyperlink in the product card.

The user can add the product to the list of Favorite Products

There is an opportunity to add a product to the comparison list

The product can be added to the existing list of Products Export

The user can also add products to the basket by selecting the desired warehouse, quantity of products and clicking on the Buy button

It is possible to place an order in the online store without registration.

Product Designer Templates

The creation of templates with a list of properties for a better description of products in a specific product category is supported. Then, when adding products manually, a list of the required properties for this product category will be displayed.

To use the product designer:

1. Creating a product designer template

Add the product designer template in the administrative part of the portal.

2. Template customization

Customize the new template by selecting the available product and category properties from the general list.

3. Adding a product/service using a template

When adding a product / service, select the created and customized template, describe the added product based on it.

Modifications in the product card

All modifications made are displayed in the  product card and are available for viewing, as shown in the figure below.

Export the list of products from the customer’s account

The customer can create any list of products and export it in XLS, CSV format or in the form of YML (active updated links), for which you need to perform the following steps:

1. Formation of a list of products for export

Go to the "Export" menu and create a list of products for export.

2. Export of products

Export the products after selecting the appropriate options.

Display reserves in the directory

In the catalog, opposite each item, the balance in the warehouse is displayed, and if the "Reserves" module is turned on, next to the balance the number of positions in the reserve reserved by this and/or other customers will be displayed.

Residue display

It is possible to display the residuals in the form of an indicator (as shown in the figure below). In this way, the supplier can visually assess the total amount of residuals.

When you hover over the indicator, the number of units remaining is displayed.

Separation of access rights to product categories

A user with Administrator rights has the ability to hide certain Product Categories for certain Customers.     

You can read more about the configuration process in the documentation.

Settings are carried out in the administrative panel.
To do this, go to the configuration of the desired category in the administrative panel: 

Choose a Customer who does not need to show this category and Save changes

After saving the settings, this category will no longer be displayed to the selected Customer

Catalog demo

The catalog demonstration mode allows you to hide in the catalog the prices of products for which they are purchased from the Supplier, allowing you to demonstrate the catalog in which products will be displayed only with the Recommended Retail Price(RRP).

This functionality can be useful when the Buyer wants to demonstrate products that can be purchased, but it is required to hide the prices at which the purchase will be made.

When installing the  Demonstration checkbox, prices of the client will be hidden and only Recommended Retail Prices will be displayed if they are set by the Supplier and the products have it.

Sort by photo availability

The functionality is located in the user's personal account in the Sort panel. To use sorting, you need to go to the Catalog section and click on the button By photo availability:

The first click will generate a sorting result in which all products with images will be shown at the top of the list:

If you want to group products in such a way that products without images are at the top of the list, for this you can click on the By presence of photo button again and the result of the grouping will be generated taking into account this requirement:

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