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In your account you can configure:

  • e-mail address for publication in the catalog and notifications about new orders;

  • sending notifications of new orders;
  • automatic order processing;
  • display of residues in the catalog;
  • catalog currency;
  • RRP price types and more.

Go to Settings, General Settings.

The system user settings page opens, where you can configure the following parameters.

  • Set up email address. In the E-mail  field,  enter the email address for publication in the catalog and notifications of new orders.
  • Configure to receive notifications of new orders. If the Send notifications about new orders flag is set , then you will  receive notifications of new orders to the specified email address.
  • Setting up order processing automatically. If the flag Place orders automatically is set , then the products will be automatically reserved in the 1C database.
  • Setting up VAT. If the VAT flag is set , then the VAT field will be displayed in the catalog.
  • Setting currency catalog. In the Currency field of the catalog,  select the currency in which all prices in the catalog will be reflected.
  • Setting the display of residues in the directory.   In the Display residuals field, select the mode for displaying residuals in the catalog. In the Show many/small/out of stock mode , if the quantity in the warehouse is greater than the threshold set in the Threshold field, then a lot is displayed in the catalog, otherwise it is small.

To save the settings, click the Save button.

Fields marked with * are required.

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