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The Agora system supports several ways to upload products, as well as their prices, stock quantities, descriptions and other characteristics. When loading a catalog from a file, it is necessary to take into account the cell format of the loaded file. A number of errors occur due to incorrect cell values when numeric cells contain text/characters/spaces.

Loading data manually

Uploading product data in the supplier's personal account. This method is suitable for adding one or more products.

Import data from YML

Import of goods, prices, quantity of remaining goods in stock, characteristics of goods from files in YML-format.

Import data from XLS

Import data in design mode from XLS-files. Single and periodic downloads are supported.

Setting prices in the catalog

After uploading the price list in the supplier's personal account, you must select the type of prices that will be displayed in the Agora catalog.

If you need help downloading the catalog, please contact Agora Technical Support.

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