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Advanced search allows you to flexibly configure settings for the most convenient use of the catalog. It is configured individually for each project.

To start searching for products by parameters, click on Advanced Search.

An advanced search panel will open with the parameters that were set when the platform was deployed. Therefore, on different projects, the type of advanced search may be different.

Advanced search options

Price — allows you to search for products by price. You can also select the search currency.

Search in the whole catalog — the search will be performed in the entire directory, even if you are inside a category. If you are in a specific category and want to search only in that category, leave the checkbox empty.

Product in stock — only items in stock will appear in the search results.

Supplier — search for products of a specific supplier.

Warehouses — search only among goods in a separate warehouse.

Below is a block of search parameters by product properties. Its appearance depends on the settings of a particular project.

There are two types of search by properties:

  1. Checkboxes — it is possible to select several properties.
  2. Dropdown menu — there is also an option to select multiple.

Click the Search button to get results.

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