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It is possible to integrate the AGORA system with ERP systems such as 1C (8.X, 7.7, ERP 2.X, AlfaAvto, UNF, etc.), MySklad, Class365, FOLIO, Galaxy, Microsoft Navision / Axapta, SAP R3 and others.

1. Integration with 1C (8.X, 7.7, ERP 2.X, AlfaAvto, UNF, etc.)

  • Bilateral integration is supported with 1C of all versions (7.7, 8.X, ERP) using the Agora system protocol and Commerce ML protocol.
  • For all ERP business objects, two-way asynchronous data exchange is supported, including:
    Products, Categories, Properties, Prices, Discounts, Units, Currencies, Warehouses, Documents, Contractors, Agreements, Sales organizations, Contractor managers and more.

  • It is possible to quickly send an order through the use of a SOAP service on the ERP side.
  • Data exchange is possible by using the Scheduled task on the ERP/1C side


For each product, the system stores units for measuring the quantity of products sold for each distribution channel and customers. This information is taken from the contract.

Currency Rates

The system imports exchange rates from 1C, rates can be entered manually and received from third-party services. Courses allow you to display the products on the window in the desired currency and at the appropriate rate.

Price types

Separate prices are maintained for various distribution channels, including wholesale, retail, wholesale-5. 
Price types can be specified in the contract in the ERP, which allows the system to personalize the price conditions in the catalog.

Order Statuses

Order statuses depend on events in the ERP. You can configure status chains based on the workflow in ERP.

Other objects

In addition, two-way data exchange with 1C on the following objects is provided:
  • Nomenclature/materials.
  • Properties and values ​​of the item/materials.
  • Product Modifications.
  • Photo.
  • Warehouses.
  • Stock balance.
  • Updating the internal composition based on orders.

Contracts/agreements - individual and standard

Both standard - basic agreements are supported, as well as individual agreements created on their basis for each client. The agreements indicate the type of price, validity period, reference to the legal entity, etc.

In earlier versions of 1C, the term "agreements" was used, and later the term "agreements" was used.

Downloading documents from 1C

  • The ability to download bills, invoices, reconciliation statements and other documents is supported.
  • Accounts, agreements, TTN can be formed both by Agora, and imported from ERP.

Partial shipment

Partial shipment of the order in 1C is possible by creating a document for the implementation of part of the order. The system monitors this event and in the client’s account displays the percentage of shipment for each item.

Update order when adjusting in 1C

The system monitors changes and updates the order in your account when updating it in 1C in two possible ways:

  • Direct adjustment of the order.
  • Creation in the order of the correction document reflecting the history of changes in the order.

Withdrawal of a reserve for a time-out order by contract

This functionality allows you to automatically remove reserves for clients in the Agora and in 1C if the set and configurable timeout is exceeded.

Loading order history from 1C

It is possible to download order history from 1C for users registered in Agora.

Exchange of data on consignees with 1C

When placing an order, the client can choose different addresses and contact persons as consignees. Each consignee has a name, phone, address and city. 
This information is transmitted in 1C in the comments. The Consignees tab allows you to add consignees.

Exchange of complaints with 1C

Complaints - a separate tab that allows you to create a request for a refund or rejection, attach documents, select a connected order or product, track the processing status.
Applications are processed by the manager in the account of the customer service, applications can also be received in 1C or another ERP system.

Download discount settings from 1C (12 options)

Discounts in various ERPs are configured differently. Agora standardly supports quite powerful functionality and allows you to implement almost any pricing. 
There are several options for importing discounts into the system that require preliminary analysis and configuration.

User registration from 1C

The ability to register users and companies through ERP is supported by sending a special data package. 
This functionality requires preliminary analysis and configuration on the part of 1C in connection with various possibilities for implementing this process.

2. Integration with MySklad, Class365

Integration with MySklad, Class365 via the CommerceML protocol is supported.

3. Integration with FOLIO, Galaxy

Integration with FOLIO and Galaxy using linear text files is supported.

4. Integration with Microsoft Navision/Axapta

Integration with Microsoft Navision/Axapta is supported.

5. Integration with SAP R3

Integration with SAP R3 via IDoc protocol is supported.
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