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Configuring uploading data to the site

When setting up data exchange with the Agora system, select the goods, prices and warehouses for which balances will be uploaded to the site.

After authorization and launching the information base in 1C: Enterprise "Trade Management" mode, follow these steps to select the unloaded warehouses, price types and goods.

  • In the section panel, open Agora and in the Tools section select Agora Configuring data exchange.

  • Go to the tab Filter upload items and mark the folders or items that you want to upload to the site.

The black color of the mark of the selected item means that all items from this group were selected for unloading, yellow - only certain items from the group will be unloaded.

You can learn more about working with the nomenclature on this page.

In the root folder of the nomenclature directory there should not be goods without a selected group, otherwise they will not be uploaded to the site directory.

  • Go to the Filter by price type tab and add the prices that will be uploaded to the site.

  • Go to the Warehouse Filter tab, add a warehouse, the rest of which will be uploaded to the site.

Using Agora guarantees complete security of your personal data.


Agora system does not unload your list of counterparties from 1C, first the counterparty must go through the registration procedure on the site.
If the counterparty registered on the site is already in the 1C database - its identification is carried out according to the TIN.

Recording and subsequent work with contractors in the 1C: Enterprise Trade Management database occurs after the first order.

The current contact details for the counterparty can always be seen on the website by entering the order and clicking on the buyer.


When downloading prices, you can choose which types of prices to upload to the site. This way you can hide purchase prices and not upload them to the Agora system.

Warehouses and nomenclature

Similarly to prices, you can choose which items of the item and which warehouses will be uploaded to the site. In your personal account on the site, you can also choose one of the ways to display the balances in the warehouse.

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