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User registration allows you to register in the system of a legal or individual person as a customer or supplier.

Registration of an individual

Registration of an individual with a phone number and passport data. The set of fields used for registration is customizable.

Registration of a legal entity

Functionality Registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur allows you to register a contractor in the system - a customer or a supplier.

Multistage registration of legal entity with confirmation of phone number

Multistage registration takes place in 3 stages in a simplified form.

  • In the first step, the client enters an email address and password.
  • At the second stage - confirms the phone number (optional, can be disabled).
  • At the third stage, the details of the contractor are entered, similar to the process of simplified registration of the contractor, and the registration procedure is completed.

Customer registration from the supplier’s account

Allows the supplier to register a contractor - a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

Using multi-roles

There is the possibility of registering the user as a customer and supplier at the same time, in order to purchase and sell products using one account.

Registration of a supplier on a marketplace project

Allows you to register a user on the portal, who will act as a supplier, offering his products to buyers.

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