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This option allows managers to register a buyer on their own.

To register a buyer from the supplier's account, go to your personal account and click the Register the partner button.

In the window that opens, fill in the following sections for the counterparty:

  • User (full name, email address, password, password confirmation).
  • Contact details and additional information (company website, phone number, country, headquarter city).
  • Company details (type of company (legal entity or self-employed entrepreneur), company, TIN, position, checkpoint, PPC, legal address).
  • Set the checkbox "I agree to terms of personal data processing".
  • After filling in all the fields, click the "Registration" button.

The fields in the registration form for an self-employed entrepreneur are different.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

If all the data is filled in correctly, then the counterparty will be registered.
A notification about successful registration will be displayed in the supplier's personal account.

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