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Our service provides the ability to connect to an external API (REST API), which provides the ability to integrate with strict services. API documentation is available at the following address:
For review, you can use the test project.
For ease of use, we will describe the process of executing one API request, focusing on which you can execute the rest.
Take a callback request as an example: callback_request
To execute API methods, click on the name of the API method and enter the corresponding request parameters in the drop-down list:

Having specified all the necessary data of the request, it is enough to click on the Try it out button to initiate the execution of the request:

If the request is successfully processed, you will see a notification of the form:

The Response Body section will display the array of data that was passed to the portal:

To check the correctness of the completed request, just go to the administrator panel in the Request for a call back section

Having opened the corresponding section, you will see information about the request we are executing:

By analogy with the above API method, you can execute any of the above list of API requests:
(info) If you encounter difficulties/errors while using the API, you should write to the technical support at and you will definitely be helped.

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