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Agora supports the ability to display brand logos at the bottom of the catalog.

(info) Recommended brand logo sizes - 270x180 px

You can download the logos of your or your brands you are promoting.

The logic of the work of logos can be any, for example, you can specify links to a site, to pages on social networks and more.

The configuration is carried out in the administrative panel, available at:

After authorization in the portal admin panel, go to the Slides section of the banners in the directory and click the Add brand slide in the directory button.

  • In the window that opens, specify the local path to the file to download.
  • In the Order field, specify the priority of displaying the banner, the lower the number, the earlier the logo will be shown in the slide.
  • In the External link section, you can specify the URL to which you will be redirected when you click on the logo.

After loading several banners, contractors (customers) will be able to flip through them by clicking on the arrows to the right and left of the logos.

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