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Agora has the ability to place information banners displayed at the top of the window:

You can configure 2 types of banners:

  • Banner slider.
  • Top/bottom banner.

Banner slider - allows you to set several images that are flipped automatically or manually:

Top/bottom banner - a static image displayed without any effects:

For the correct display, it is recommended to use banners of the following sizes:

  • Slider Banner - 833x300 px.
  • Top/bottom banner - 406x120 px.

Banners are configured in the admin panel of the project, which is available at:

After authorization in the admin panel, go to the Banners section. To add a new banner, click the Add banner button:

In the window that opens, specify the conditions for displaying the banner.

Image - specify the local path to the file (banner).
Slider banner - the size of the loaded image, which will be displayed in the Slides section.
Top/bottom banner - the size of the loaded image, which will be displayed in the Banners section (top/bottom).

  • URL - fill in if the banner needs to be clickable, when you click on the banner, it will go to the specified URL.
  • Identifier - the identifier of the element (banner) commonly used by developers.
  • Show (In the slider/Up/Down) - a check-box, in accordance with which the logic for displaying banners is set.
  • Category - a category of products, upon transition to which this banner will be displayed.

After specifying all the settings, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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