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In order to fully upload data to the Agora system, you need to start the information base in 1C Enterprise mode and log in.

The process of complete unloading may differ depending on the version of the 1C edition used.

(info) To start the complete unloading of any version of the editorial office (except for Alfa-Auto, UPP 1.3, UT 10.3), after installing the Agora gateway, it is necessary to go to the Agora section displayed on the main page 1C of the enterprise:

(info) To start a full unloading in Alfa-Auto, UPP 1.3, UT 10.3, after installing the Agora gateway, go along the path:

In the 1C interface, the company open Operations → Processing → Full unloading portal → Run:

Full unloading needs to be performed only once immediately after connection. In the future, changes in the system by nomenclature will be recorded and uploaded automatically if check-boxes Enable change logging and Enable Scheduled Exchange.

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