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Catapulto shipping cost calculator

To connect the functionality, please contact your manager or support service by sending an email to:

To configure the functionality:

1) Go to the admin panel and select the Delivery Methods section:

2) Create a shipping method using the Add Shipping Method button:

3) Fill in the following fields:
Name: Shipping Calculator
Gateway: Catapult
Save your changes.

After that, when placing an order, a new Delivery Method - Shipping Calculator will appear in the basket.

The Customer's user can log in to his personal account and add the product to the cart:

To calculate the cost of delivery, you must select the Delivery Method - Delivery Calculator:

The buyer will be shown a form for calculating the cost of delivery

After filling in the required parameters for calculating delivery, click on the Calculate button:

As a result, the user will be shown the results of calculating the cost of delivery by all available options:

At the end of the list of delivery methods, there is an opportunity to change delivery parameters and recalculate the cost:

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