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Client classification program

We have implemented the possibility of dividing customers into categories, assigning each a certain discount, which can be increased when purchasing products for a certain amount.

On the portal, this functionality may look like this: 

The conditions for the upgrade and the discount level are determined individually, based on your business processes.

To agree on the terms of implementation, please contact our technical support:

After activating the classification of users, the configuration will be carried out by the supplier on the administrative panel, available at the address:

After logging into the administrative panel of the project, create a business partner group that will be responsible for classifying users.

To do this, go to the Contractor groups section, in the window that opens, click the Add a contractor group button, which is located at the top of the section that opens:

After that, fill in the following parameters:

Name - the name of the added group of contractors (user class) Format: Class - A or Class - VIP.
Discount - the size of the applied discount in the format: 10%.
The amount of shipment to increase the discount - is the amount, when ordering for which, the discount amount will increase, that is, the client will be able to move to a higher class when placing orders for the specified amount. Format: 100,000 rubles.

The next stage of customization is "binding" the created class to the contract of the contractor. To do this, open the Contractors tab in the administrative panel, find the required contractor from the list provided and click on its name to go to its card.

In the window that opens, find and select the added contractor group (user class):

To save your changes, click the Save button located at the bottom of the page.

Loyalty program

With the help of the Loyalty Program functionality, it is possible to automate the assignment of appropriate discounts to customers, depending on the amount of the Customer's orders and the frequency of orders.

If you use discounts that are tied to the accumulated sales volume, then it is possible to set up your own logic for granting discounts depending on these conditions.

An example of a discount from 1C:

You can create several discounts related to the accumulated sales volume.
Discounts will be uploaded and recorded in the administrative panel in the Loyalty program section:

An example of data written to the portal:

The following data on the Loyalty Program discount will be recorded in the administrative panel:

- Name - is the name of the discount in 1C.

- Products - products available at the unloaded discount

If the products are selected, then the discount will apply only to the selected products.
If no products are selected, then the loyalty program discount will apply to all products of the customer.
The format for uploading a promotional item discount is specified in the table

- Discount - the size of the discount for the loyalty program in 1C.

- The amount of shipment to increase the discount - is the amount specified in 1C in the section Terms of discounts

Move to the next group - if the checkbox is checked, then compliance with the discount conditions is checked (the total amount of orders in the Closed status for the last 30 days).

If the condition is met, then the user is transferred to the next stage of the discount.
If within 30 days the Customer does not have orders in the Closed status for an amount that satisfies the discount in the Loyalty Program, then the Customer will be transferred to the previous stage.

Also, a group of discounts with conditions can be created manually in the administrative panel (if the integration with ERP is not used).

To do this, go to the Loyalty program section of the administrative panel

Click on the button Add Stage loyalty program

Fill in similar data (Name, Move to the next group, Products, Discount, Shipping amount to increase the discount) and Save changes

After creating a discount under the loyalty program, the Customer's user will see a notification in his personal account that he is in the group that is entitled to the discount.
Example of notification:

If integration with 1C is used, then for the functionality to work, it is necessary to make changes to the format for unloading discounts (table Simple Item Discount) by adding the unloading tag to it:

<ПрограммаЛояльности>0 or 1</ПрограммаЛояльности> 

If the value 0 is uploaded in the <ПрограммаЛояльности> tag, then the discount refers to regular discounts.
If the value 1 is unloaded in the <ПрограммаЛояльности> tag, then the discount participates in the loyalty program.

The unloading can be completed by your 1C specialist.
You can also contact your manager to agree on the conditions for the performance of work by our specialists, or by sending an e-mail 

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