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This module allows you to coordinate legal documents in transactions and in any order. At the same time, a request is generated for approval of documents by the supplier, the contractor can make adjustments to them and track the status of specific documents.

Creating a new contract in the supplier’s account

  1. To create a new contract, select the "Agreements" section in the top menu (top panel) and in the window that opens, click the "New Contract" button.
  2. A form for creating a new contract will open. Fill in the required fields, here you can attach the contract file.
  3. After making all the necessary data, click on the "Create" button. At the same time, a new contract will be created in the system, which will appear in the list of user contracts.

Fields marked with * are required.

Agreements in the contractor’s account

To view the list of contracts, go to the "Contracts" section in the top menu. This will open the list of agreements for this user (see the figure below).

To view a specific contract, click on its number. In this case, the contract card will open, the card form is shown in the figure above.

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