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Loaded products without a category will not be displayed in the catalog, so after loading, you must assign categories to them.

Assigning product category matching

Click on the username in the upper right corner of the screen in your account and select Settings, in the page that opens, go to the supplier’s Product Categories tab.

This will open a page for establishing correspondence between the categories of loaded products and the categories of products on the site. To establish a match, click on the Select link opposite the desired category.

In the window that opens, select a category and click the Select button. 

In the absence of the desired category, it can be added on the Product Categories tab on the site.

If you select the Assign also to nested categories option when selecting a category, then this category will also be assigned to all child categories.

After category matching is completed, click the Save Changes button .

Product Category Management

In your account you can manage product categories.

Click the Product Categories tab on the site, on the page that opens, the standard product categories will be listed.

  • To add a new category to the root folder of the directory, click Create.
  • To make a child category, select the desired category and click the Create button.

Product categories can also be added through the Add Product Categories admin panel.

  • To change the category name, select the category with the mouse and click the Change button at the top or opposite the category.
  • To delete an unnecessary category, select the category with the mouse and click the Delete button at the top or opposite the category.

To proceed to setting up the matching of categories of the system and your catalog, click the Assign category matching button.

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