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Catalog Mapping

In your account, on the My Catalog tab, all the products uploaded to the system are displayed. 

The product catalog can be displayed as a list, table or grid. To change the appearance of the catalog, click on the appropriate icons. You can also use the navigation menu at the top of the page to navigate the catalog.

The left side of the page shows price types and product categories. To filter products, click on the desired price or category. 

Items can be sorted by price, by name or by popularity (descending or ascending).

Product Search

To search for products, enter its name or article number in the field and click on the Search button .

The Advanced Search  button allows you to specify the price range and the need for the availability of products, as well as mark the necessary properties, for example, search by model or color.

Card Product

A product card is a page with a detailed description of the product and/or its properties. To open the card, click on the product name on the catalog page. 

Product card contains :

  • Product Image. To zoom in, hover over it. To view other images, click on the small image of the product.
  • Product description.
  • Product ModificationsFor modifications, the warehouse is displayed, the quantity of products in the warehouse, the recommended retail price, price.

Rest products

In your account, you can configure whether to show the rest of products in the warehouse to customers. To do this, on the Settings tab, set the Display residues option.

Product Prices

You can also configure what prices will be displayed to customers in the catalog. To do this, on the Settings tab, set the Default Price Type parameter.

Catalog Currency

You can also set the currency for displaying the prices of products in the catalog. To do this, on the Settings tab, set the Directory Currency parameter .

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