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Integration of the portal created on Agora with the ERP MoySklad means that you have an ERP MoySklad and access to the administrative account MoySklad.

Integration allows you to upload data from the ERP MoySklad to your Agora portal data on the products, stock, prices, characteristics, warehouses, contractors, etc. and configure the exchange and maintenance of this data up to date.

After setting up the integration from the side of the portal, the customer can place an order on the Agora portal and it will be uploaded to your ERP, where you can process it.

Changes made to the order by MoySklad will be uploaded to the portal.

1. Setting up the integration of MoySklad and Agora.

To configure the integration, you need to do the following:

Log in to the administrative panel of your Agora project and go to the section Setting up integration with MoySklad

You will open the page for managing Integration Settings, where you will be able to specify your authorization data for the MoySklad service (username and password)


For authorization, you must use the MoySklad account, which has full administrative rights.

Specify the Login, Password of the administrative account and click on the Login button

Upon successful authorization, you will see the successful loading of your MoySklad account data.

If the authorization data is specified incorrectly, then during authorization you will see an authentication error

also, the API Access Token will not be loaded and the integration will not work.

After successful Authentication, you need to perform a Full (primary) upload. This is required in order for all data (products, prices, stocks, etc.) to be downloaded from MoySklad to Agora.

To carry out a full (primary) unloading, on the Settings for integration with MoySklad page, click on the Full (primary) unloading button.

Next, a full download of data from your MoySklad account in Agora will begin.
The upload time depends on the amount of data in your ERP MoySklad.

A full import will load the following data:

Currency rates
Product category
Characteristics of products
Types of product prices
Remains of products
Product images
The organization

You can track the unloading and processing status of packages from MoySklad in the administrative panel in the Exchange queue section.

You can also check the uploaded data in the administrative panel.

For example:
products downloaded from MoySklad will be displayed in the Products section of the admin panel

uploaded product categories MoySklad will be displayed in the Internal categories section of the administrative panel

For more details, you can familiarize yourself with the administrative panel of the Agora portal in the documentation.

2. Mapping MoySklad order statuses to Agora order status

This comparison is required in order for the Agora system to understand in what status the Customer's order should be displayed on the portal.

To map, please go to the section Configuring integration with MoySklad in the administrative panel.

On the page that opens, go to the Comparison of order statuses section

The Agora status column displays the order statuses that will be shown to the customer on the Agora Portal

In the column Status MoySklad, you must specify the name of the order status MoySklad, which corresponds to the status of the Agora order


1) The name of the MoySklad status must be indicated in the Agora administrative panel in the same register that is used in MoySklad.
In other words, if the status of an order in MoySklad is indicated with a capital letter, for example, Confirmed, then in the status matching it is necessary to indicate the status name also with a capital letter.

2) If an order is uploaded to the Agora portal in a status that is not specified in the Order status matching, the order will be displayed on the portal in the Undefined status, and it will remain in this status until you match this status with the Agora order status in the administrative panels.

After matching the status of orders, the buyer will see the order in the same status on the Agora portal, which corresponds to the status of the order in MoySklad

3. Comparison of product categories MoySklad and product categories on the Agora portal.

In order for your products to be shown to customers on the portal, the Agora portal must understand in which category on the portal these products should be displayed.
To do this, you need to match the categories of your products in MoySklad with the categories of products on the Agora portal.
This setting is done as follows:

Go to your Supplier's Personal Account on the portal, click on the Personal Account login and select the Settings section in the drop-down menu:

Next, go to the Product Categories on the website section

On the page that opens, use the Create button to create product categories that will be shown to customers on your Agora portal

After that, go to the Supplier product categories section and use the Select button to match the ERP category with the product category on the site

Thus, the Agora portal will understand in which category it is necessary to show products to Customers.
You can find detailed information on the mechanism for creating your own categories in the documentation.

4. Linking a contractor MoySklad to a contractor in Agora

In order for an order from the Agora portal to be uploaded to MoySklad, it is necessary to link the MoySklad contractor with the Agora contractor.
To do this, follow these steps:

Go to the Contractors section in MoySklad

Next, you need to click on the desired contractor

This will open the contractor settings page. The unique identifier of this contractor will be indicated in the browser line

This identifier must be copied and then go to the administrative panel of your Agora portal and get a similar contractor identifier in Agora.
Go to the Customers section of the admin panel

On the page that opens, find the required contractor and click on its name

The id of the contractor in Agora will be displayed in the browser line. It also needs to be copied.

Next, you need to go to the section External id-objects

On the page that opens, click on the Add external object id button

and specify the data of the identifiers MoySklad and Agora by selecting the Supplier, Object type Customer

Save your changes.

After that, the buyers will be connected and it will be possible to upload the order from Agora to MoySklad.

5. Setting the exchange frequency.

We recommend using an exchange period of 10 minutes or more.
On the settings page for integration with MoySklad, you can set the following periods for exchanging the Agora portal with MoySklad:

Data upload period in minutes
Remaining import period in minutes

Thus, you can configure your own period of data exchange between the Agora portal and MoySklad, which is required.

Data upload period in minutes - we recommend setting 1 minute
Remaining import period in minutes - we recommend setting from 10 minutes


On the integration settings page there is a setting Active
The setting must be active (checkbox installed) if you want to make an exchange between Agora and MoySklad.
If you uncheck this checkbox, the exchange will be stopped.

6. Sending an order to MoySklad

On the integration settings page in the administrative panel, you must select the Organization for the default order.
This is required so that our system could understand to which organization it is necessary to assign an order to MoySklad when it is sent from the Agora portal.
You can do this as follows.

In the ERP MoySklad, these organizations are located in the Settings - Directories - Legal entities section

After placing an order on the Agora portal, it will be displayed in the accounts of the Customer and the Supplier in the list of orders in the Orders section

When you click on the order you need, its card will open

You can familiarize yourself with the logic of working with orders on the Agora portal in the documentation:

After placing an order on the Agora portal, it will be uploaded to MoySklad and available for processing in the Customer Orders section:

After changing the status of an order in MoySklad, the status information will be updated on the Agora portal.

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