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The "Promotions" widget is used to publish news about promotions and discounts on products, allows you to switch to the list of promotional products from the news.

Share Creation

The creation of stocks and the addition of products to them takes place from the administrative panel. To create a stock, follow these steps:

  • On the main page of the administrative panel,  go to the Promotions section and click the Add button.

  • Fill in the  following fields on the page with adding shares:

    1. Meta-title, meta-keyword, meta-description - fields for SEO promotion.
    2. Page title, page signature, seo-text, additional information - system fields, they can be left blank.
    3. Headings  - the title of the action.
    4. Alias - the heading in Latin, which will be used as a link in the address bar.
    5. Summary - announcement - the text displayed in the news feed.
    6. Image  - a button for selecting an illustration file and photos that can be attached to illustrate the action.

    7. Changed - date of adjustment or creation of the stock.

    8. Published - a checkbox for publishing and stopping the publication of a promotion.
    9. Content* - full description of the action.

    10. Show on the main page  - the  checkbox used to configure the placement of shares on the main page of the site.

    11. Products  - field for the contextual search for products by name to add to the action. Select the appropriate product from the drop-down list and click on it, the product will be added to the action.

    12. Stickers  - stickers used to display promotions on the site.

Fields marked with * are required.

When filling in the required fields, the correctness of the entered data is checked. In case of an error, the field with the erroneous value will be highlighted and an error message will be displayed.

To complete the process of creating a promotion, click on one of the 3 buttons:

  • Save - save the stock and go to the Stocks page, a new stock will appear in the stock list.
  • Save and continue editing  - the data will be saved, and the user will remain on the same page for further editing.
  • Save and add a new object  - the created stock will be saved, a transition will be made to the new form to create the next stock.

Adding a new product to already created stocks

To add a product to already created stocks, you need to click on the name of the desired stock, and the page for editing this stock will open. 

At the end of the form, in the Product field, add all the necessary products.

To view the promotion on the website, click the Watch on website button .

To delete a mistakenly added product, click on the basket icon to the left of the product.

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